DETROIT, MI- JULY 24: The People Mover is a tram that runs a loop around the main downtown places of interest. Interestingly, it goes right past (this photo taken one block from the transit center and does not stop) at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center where many downtown blue collar workers take buses to get to and from work and home. Some African American bus riders complain that the M1 benefits the well-to-do and takes money away from the bus line that needs improvements. Detroit is building a $100 million rail line called the M1 that generally runs along the business corridor on Woodward Ave. Some have asked why a city in constant financial hardship would take on such an expensive project. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

How Detroit Became a Model for Urban Renewal

by Lyneir Richardson
March 1, 2019
Maybe it's time for more cities to adopt Detroit's urban renewal model.

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